Unlimited IT Support

Exchange Server 2013You may be able to find an average person who knows how to open a computer box and fix simple problems but running your entire business on such a poor foundation is a bad idea. Finding, hiring and keeping good certified IT staff that is up to date with the latest technologies has always been a huge challenge. Most in-house IT people usually quickly become outdated with their knowledge or get bored by doing the same stuff again and again so they leave you all of sudden. Also you need to plan for the backup when they go on vacation.


Instead, here at Welcome Networks, we are an IT company. We live in IT, we breathe in IT and the only thing we do is provide expert IT services to businesses like you. Our IT staff is your IT staff now!


You get a full-service corporate-level IT department at a fraction of the cost. No need to hire or train staff. No need to buy hardware or servers every 3 years any more. No need to run and maintain technology yourself. Your time is worth way more than that. Not only are the servers and firewalls a pain, but purchasing applications and then performing installations, updates and upgrades can be frustrating. No more unexpected costs when hardware breaks and no need to upgrade to keep up with rapidly changing technologies. Everything considered and counted, the cloud services offers significant cost savings and increased cash flow to firms, especially in the long run. We provide exceptional customer service and tech support.


Make the move to your private cloud and let Welcome Networks do all the heavy lifting of setting up hardware, software, users, applications, programs, backup, and disaster recovery.Leave all your IT headaches to us. Focus on your business & customers, not technology.

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