"I have found that having all my Sage 50 files/data/licences/emails in the cloud very convenient. No matter where I am or what time of day it is, I can access my work files. I can go to any computer whether in my office, at home or out at a meeting and, as long as I have access to the internet, I have access to anything and everything I need to run my business."
- Chenine Humphrey, IPBC Member
Paper Trail Bookkeeping Inc.



Access Full-Featured SAGE 50 Easily and Reliably from Anywhere, Anytime.Welcome Networks is a leading provider of hosted applications from Sage. Sage 50 Accounting allows business owners and accountants to easily manage cash flow, payments, collections, budgeting, and inventory tracking. Our fully-clustered, multi-tier world class infrastructure enables us to provide high reliability and advanced virtualization technology from Microsoft, Citrix & VMware enable us to deliver it at an ultra-fast speed and reliability for Anywhere, Anytime Access.


Sage 50 hosting means having access to your software and data with full functionality from any machine or device located anywhere in the world, anytime. Users are able to login from their PCs in the office, laptops on the road, tablets at an airport, or any other machine and device.


Gone are the days of emailing large files to client, accountant or an associate. You can access Sage 50 through the cloud, and print it off at your home or office, or at a hotel you are staying at. Sage 50 hosting allows all permitted users to see this data and run reports, edits or perform any other functions desired instantaneously.



Pricing Plans


Service Package:

If you currently own a Sage software license you are ready to move to our Sage 50 cloud. Your cloud includes:


Your cloud can have following options at an additional fee:


Businesses and accountants love this service because it enables them to serve more customers in more locations with less travel time and expense. You enjoy anywhere anytime access to Sage 50, peace-of-mind of nightly back-ups, and enterprise-class security so that you can stay focused on your business and your customers.


Rock-Solid Infrastructure

Our SAGE cloud hosting offering is delivered from top-of-the-line data centers providing true enterprise-class security and reliability including: full-time security, video surveillance, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), back-up generators, fully redundant power and network systems, advanced network firewalls, smoke detection and fire suppression systems, flood detection systems, and daily back-ups of data. Welcome Networks powers services directly and indirectly to a satisfied, growing community of businesses.


Pricing Plans


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